Thursday, September 9, 2010


Here is my finished monkey wrench (I've also seen it called churn and dash by the exact same magazine I saw it in as monkey wrench, go figure!) quilt top. My initial plan was to do all whites and creams in the center, but I just thought it looked too bland on the tan background. So I added in a mottled black and a stripe made of a green and gray holly berry print.

The majority of the fabrics in this one are RJR Nativity. I was looking at backing it in an RJR fabric from this year's Christmas collection since I figured I wouldn't be able to find Nativity anywhere (another downside to fat quarter grab bags), but I have seen it around and for pretty cheap. I still might not back it in that though, I want to bind it in black and that might not look too great. I have awhile to decide.

Here is my disappearing nine patch with all of its borders. I love this one. The fabrics here are mostly Charity Collection for a Cause. I used a charm pack, plus anything that vaguely resembled vintage shirting (the inspiration for this collection) from my stash. There is tons of this still around, and on clearance at most places. I wasn't sold on it from the online pictures, but it was a great deal. Once I got it in the mail though, I was very impressed.

I'm backing this one in that blue with red flowers and binding it in the tan dot. I didn't buy quite enough to back it though, didn't think it through, so I am going to have to do some kind of piecing to make it look intentional.


  1. They both look good, but I loooove the nine patch.

  2. Thank you! That's kind of how I feel too. I have plans for another two, maybe three quilts before Christmas. I can't decide what I would do for my teenage sister, so I'm still thinking about whether she gets one of her own or not.


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