Monday, September 27, 2010

One Thing, One Week Challenege Complete!

Remember one week ago when I announced I would be joining this challenge?

Amy's Creative Side

Well, I did it! I posted my goal was to be done today, in time to enter the contest, but my real goal was to be done on Saturday so that my sister could take the bag home with her. Sadly, I missed that goal. I had work left to do, but decided hanging out with my niece and nephew was worth more to me than the few dollars I would spend shipping the bag if I didn't finish.

Ready to see?

I took the side ties and button closure that my sister loved from the last diaper bag I made and added them to a simple patchwork bag made from the scraps of my Chirp! that I used in the charity quilts I did earlier this summer. She absolutely loved them and I think she will love this!

I lined it in the pink with green, brown and white birds and, in what I think was a genius move, I made a diaper pocket out of the only horizontal print in the Chirp! panel. I should have taken a pic of that before I put the lining in the bag though, because try as I might this morning, nothing I took of the inside turned out.


  1. Cute bag! I love your fabrics. Congratulations on finishing.

  2. Looks good. Congrats on finishing your one thing, one week challenge.

  3. I like it. Good job, and yes, spending time with family is more important than a few dollars.

  4. It looks fabulous.I love the fabric. Your sister is very lucky.

  5. Super cute bag! What a great way to use those leftover scraps.


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