Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

Ah! September! It is a blur of activity much like this photo. Today was the first day of school for my step-daughter. It's nice, because I theoretically have more time to sew now, but I always seem to forget every year how dreadful the experience can be for us.

We soldier through and don't let on because we're the parents, but sometimes my husband and I sit down and just scream about it when we're alone. Like it isn't hard enough being part of a blended family, my step-daughter came home today with homework papers that "Dad has to sign." It might sound normal enough, but the implication that appears to have been made to her is that even though I fully qualify for the parent or guardian signature line, I am, in fact, neither. "Dad has to sign."

It's nothing new. One particularly memorable time my step-daughter was given a homework assignment and I made the mistake of trying to discuss it with her teacher at the time. I was put in my place very loudly in front of every student in the class by the teacher who told me, "Maybe you should talk to her mother about this." I was humiliated and because it happened at the beginning of the year it colored the whole school experience for me until we were done with that grade and that teacher.

Let's hope this is no indication of how this year will be going.

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