Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

We started potty training this weekend. It is not going well. Basically, my son is very keenly aware that he is growing up and cries a lot that we should let him be little (keep a pacifier, wear diapers). So we think it's more of a him being stubborn thing than it is a thing where he isn't physically ready to begin training.

Yesterday was hard. Fighting over him having to sit on the potty. Today he came right over to me. He's getting used to it, but we still have him peeing in his training pants all day. Not a single drop has hit the potty I bought months ago. He is almost three and I definitely want to get over this hurdle before I come up against the binky.

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  1. Sorry, I've got no tips for you...my daughter potty-trained herself. You should ask Susan, she has sons.


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