Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Never again...maybe

Here is the diaper bag, finally, finally completed. The last time I used this pattern I decided that I would never make it again. But then someone saw the bag I had made and loved it and asked for one nearly a whole year after the first one and I thought about it. "It couldn't possibly be as bad as I remembered. I'll have more time. I'm more experienced now." Obviously, you can tell I said yes.

Honestly, I love Lila Tueller's designs. They're pretty, they're unique, her fabric lines never fail to impress me, but some of the instructions in this pattern make my head hurt. I took some different steps this time (sewing the lining and binding dead last instead of trying to sew the tabs and straps through yet another layer of fabric) and used some different equipment (denim needles are definitely not enough to do the job despite what the pattern may indicate, canvas needles made this a much, much more pleasant experience), and it really wasn't as bad as I remembered. I still think I might never make it again, but then I look at it...

I mean, really, how cute are the ties? And the fraying edges? And the perfectly coordinated little button?

I hope the mom (no longer a mom-to-be, she had her baby boy the day I finished the bag) likes it, and the extra little something I threw in with it. I'll post pictures of that tomorrow after my FedEx tracking ID assures me she's opened the package and I am not ruining the surprise.


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