Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Moments

My step-daughter had her second soccer game ever this weekend. They change positions a lot during the games and it can be confusing for a kid who has never played the game before this season. She got to play goalie for a little while this weekend and she really had a chance to shine! In a game where it can be hard to know when it's your turn to go after the ball and which side of the line you're supposed to be on in the field, being put in a little box and being told to stop the ball is a really simple job. I think she must have fended off six goals from the opposing team while she was there! It helped boost her confidence in playing the other positions too, knowing that she fully understood at least one of them.

Amy's Creative Side

Off topic, but, as if I needed one more reason (other than late arriving fabric and my sister visiting) to finish this diaper bag up about a chance at a prize? Amy's Creative Side is hosting a One Thing, One Week challenge. Pick a goal and if you finish it by next Monday you can post the link to her blog and get entered to win something fabulous. She hasn't said what yet, but check out some of the previous contests and online blogging festivals she has hosted and you'll know this lady means business.

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