Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Moments

Happy New Year! Okay, so I'm four days late and have already posted this year, but let's just ignore those couple things.

Everyone seems to be using their blogs to post resolutions this year, so I'm going to be a trend chaser and put a few down for myself.

1. Get Gabe off of the damn binky. See the face he's giving me as he's wearing that hat? You think he hated the hat, right? Nope. He was mad at me for not letting him have a pacifier hanging out of his mouth for the shot. I swear to you all that sometimes he puts that in and makes the exact same face I make when I get a good piece of chocolate.

2. Have more blog posts than I had last year. That one should be simple.

3. Finish three quilts. I think I'll probably do more than that, because I currently have one top done, 20 some blocks for another and am really, really inspired to do a couple girly baby quilts. Do I have any use for girly baby quilts? No. But I do have the fabric. My husband loves it when I come home with fabric and a plan and nothing to do with it when I'm done. HA!

I'm setting the bar low this year. Believe me, resolution number one will be the hardest to keep. This kid is attached.

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