Friday, January 8, 2010

More inspiration

I got an e-mail from Borders this morning (oh, how I miss having a Borders! We have a Barnes & Noble here and an almost as good as Borders local store, but they both lack that lovely computer in the store feature that keeps me from having to talk to people when I can't find what I want.) that said something about 75% off clearance. It reminded me of a Christmas gift I got...a little something that usually goes on clearance this time of year.

The 2010 Sewing Calendar. Now, honestly, it isn't much good as a calendar. There isn't a lot of space to write on and the weekends are condensed into one slot, but it's patterns and directions for more than 100 sewing projects, all pretty well organized into the months where you might need them. A yoga mat bag for January when nearly everyone makes that resolution to get fit, a quilted card for Valentine's Day, lunch bags for the kids going back to school in September, a superhero cape and trick-or-treat bag for October, a half-eaten gingerbread ornament for December, etc. etc. It really has some cute ideas, and was a bargain at full price. If it sounds at all like your cup of tea, go out and buy one for cheap while you can still find it.

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