Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

I kind of feel like the dog must feel in this picture. I'm overwhelmed with every possible thing lately and I just couldn't even bring myself to come over here and post yesterday.

In the midst of moving to a new place and all of the cost concerns that come with that, I took a trip to the dentist yesterday. I was way overcharged on my bill and completely humiliated when the receptionist looked at me like I should not only have the hundreds of dollars they were asking for that day's visit, but I should have the thousands of dollars that they were asking for in total. I couldn't help but sit there and cry in front of this complete stranger who had no idea of all the directions my life is pulling me right now.

I'm still being crafty too. I started on a few projects before I knew we were moving that I hope to finish up in a couple days. Then I will be packing up the sewing machine and all of the other craft supplies until I set up my new room.

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