Tuesday, September 29, 2009

As promised

I am here to ask for your advice again. Remember this stuffed dog I made for my yet to be born nephew? Well, my sister got finally got around to setting up the baby's room last week. She laid out the blankets, made up the crib and put his dog in there. My niece had a fit. She went on and on trying to convince her mom that I had made it for her. It was her "puppy-pup". She demanded it back.

I got a message that very day saying, "I know what Ava wants for Christmas!" I already had some fabric purchased for something else I was going to make her that easily transitioned to this puppy pattern.

I love how it looks so far. Soft and feminine and more grown up than the cutesy stars I used on her brother's. The problem I am having is with all of these soft, feminine colors does a dark brown nose look ridiculous?

And if it does, the only other fabrics I have are patterned. Would a pattern look weird for a nose?

Are all of these terrible? I hate to buy something because I only need a tiny little piece, but I just can't seem to decide on any of it. I really thought that pinning them to the face would help.


  1. I actually really like the dark brown for the nose. Dark brown and pink go great together.

  2. I like the brown nose...it picks up the brown in the pink patterned fabric. The patterned noses look weird.

    Pinning a test nose in place was a great idea.

    Is she going to have brown eyes too?


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