Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Moments

If you're not a mother of an almost two year old boy (or a boy a little older), you probably have no idea that there is a new Thomas the Tank Engine movie. Or that Toys R Us held Thomas events at nearly every store this last weekend to promote said movie.

What the store ad promised was coloring, stories, play time at the train table and free giveaways designed for ages 3 and up. I decided that coloring, stories, and pushing trains around was nothing my kid couldn't handle and planned for a full week to take him there.

Do you see the trains? On the plastic Thomas & Friends table cover? Not on a wooden train table as promised! See, I could, possibly be okay with that. Except that I got there a little early and heard two male employees say, "We aren't putting together that thing!"

Dudes, I saw the ad in the newspaper and planned for a full week on bringing my kid to this "event". I know Toys R Us employees knew about it, probably even had a meeting about it at least a week in advance. Why, for the love of all that is holy, would you wait until EIGHT MINUTES before said event was supposed to start to even look at the train table box?

It's just the stupidity and laziness that bothers me. Gabe obviously had zero idea what he was missing out on and still enjoyed himself immensely.

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