Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last night we happened into a thrift store we hadn't been to in years, and discovered, much to my delight that they had a huge sewing section. Vintage patterns (though mostly 80's which I find comical, but not functional...OMG you should have seen the nursing tops pattern, hideous, way before people realized that pregnant women and new moms still wanted to look decent), vintage notions, little plastic doll heads and hands straight out of the 80's, every size and shape embroidery hoop you could think of...

I could have spent $20 in there, and with nearly everything priced at $0.29, that would have been a lot. Instead, I limited myself to four items. Though I am totally thinking about some of the things I didn't buy and wanting to go back.

I got this package of rick rack and this single fold bias tape...I prefer the double fold, and most of it was single, but I absolutely HAD to buy something with the original price point of $0.10. How much is bias tape now?

I completely love how it says, "Guaranteed color fast" and it obviously hasn't faded. Even better, check out the guarantee on the back. Amazing.

I also picked up a 3 1/2" embroidery hoop and a 1983 book of miniature (like magnet sized) cross stitch patterns. They're all very simple, and some very cute. I told my step-daughter that I would teach her how to cross stitch and she could make her own gifts for grandparents and such for Christmas this year. She was pretty excited, then disappointed when she realized that I hadn't done it in years and didn't have a single piece of needlepoint canvas in my stash. I told her we'd remedy that this week.


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