Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Moments

We took the kids to the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo this weekend. The Air Zoo is offering free general admission through the end of September, so we thought it was the perfect time to go check it out.

It's a pretty interesting place with rides for the kids and flight simulators for the adults (sadly not included in the free admission). Lots of planes and plane engines on display, usually with cars and military or flight uniforms from their era.

Of course, the best part was seeing this look on my son's face about a million times.

They had a lot of exhibits on military history, which is not my thing, but enthralls my husband. I was pretty drawn to the dioramas of the different battles though. These little guys were just a little bigger than my thumbnail. The details were amazing.

This scale model of an aircraft carrier was just HUGE! I don't know what scale it was in, but again, the guys were just a bit bigger than my thumbnail. I think I had to stand back about six feet to get the whole ship in the shot on the one full length picture I took of it.

I have to credit my friend Keli for the dozen or so pictures I took of the dioramas and scale models. She does miniatures and has just finished a cemetery inside of a pumpkin for Halloween. It is really fascinating stuff that I probably wouldn't have taken a second glance at if not for her.

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  1. Cool dioramas! I wish I lived closer to Kalamazoo.


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