Sunday, September 27, 2009

Advice please

I actually have two questions that I want some advice on, but I decided to go to the book store and the fabric store and now my lighting is gone to take pictures. It probably wouldn't help to ask you all if a chocolaty brown nose would be too dark for a certain stuffed animal I'm working on without showing you the animal.

I can ask my other question though. In just a couple weeks we are going to visit my husband's grandmother. We will be at her home (a three plus hour drive) 9 days before her 94th birthday, so I would like to give her a gift then. I want to make something, as she is an old lady who lived through the great depression and thinks not enough women today cook, sew, or wear skirts.

What would you make a 94 year old woman?


  1. When it comes to gifts for my grandma, I always do something that she'll actually use. My grandmother is 92, and I send her little lavender room sprays (you could easily make that yourself - there are recipes online), and I made a little U-shaped neck pillow filled with rice and lavender buds. She heats it in the microwave, or freezes it. Obviously, the woman is obsessed with lavender.

    I think for this coming birthday, I'm going to make some slippers with rice-filled soles that she can heat up and put on when it's chilly.

    Also, my grandmother spends the majority of her day in her armchair, watching Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray. She likes to clip coupons and read magazines while she sits, and is always wanting little cloth totes and coupon organizers to put stuff in.

    A non-makeable thing that my Gram always digs is when I just go over (when I'm actually in the state of FL, which is rare) and just clean her house for her. She used to run a tight ship, but isn't really that mobile anymore. So I vacuum, dust, do the dishes, and thoroughly clean out her fridge. And she's hardcore into grocery store gift cards. For some reason, they make her so so happy.


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