Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A start

I decided Sunday to begin with the scrappy quilt. I don't expect to finish it any time soon, so I won't feel guilty abandoning it for my other projects when I get the supplies. I have nine blocks done as of this morning.

I picked the fabrics in this quilt from my stash of scraps. I decided to stick with fabrics that had either a teal blue or an earthy green because I had an overwhelming amount of them. So far I am thinking that even if it is combined with an earthy green or a teal blue, there will be no pink on this quilt. But I may change my mind about that and use more of my Lila Tueller scraps from my patchwork bag.

I absolutely love how these blocks come together and make the star pattern.

These secondary squares are pretty cool too.

If you hadn't noticed there are only eight of the nine blocks in the first three photos. The picture above is the elusive block number nine. I don't like it. I should rephrase that, I like it, but the teal seems to fade into the background and it doesn't mesh well with the other blocks I have made so far. I'm not tossing it out yet. I have no idea how the rest of these blocks are going to come together and this may just fit in somewhere I can't see at this point. Worst case scenario, I can always put it on the back of the quilt.


  1. Very nice! I wish I could make things like that!

  2. Looks great so far...! Though, I stand by my statement earlier this week... you are much more "on" with your crafting than I am... even if my stripes weren't all facing the same way, there is no way I would have ripped it out and re-sewn... I suck that way! Ha! I hope you're having a good day!



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