Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Moments

Today we took Gabe to the Binder Park Zoo. We just knew he would love seeing the animals from his picture books up close, and we knew he would love riding the kiddie train around. We were so excited to take him on this outing.

We knew some of the things he would love, but he still had some surprises up his sleeve for us. One of the biggest thrills of the day was sitting. Anywhere there was a seat, or anything that vaguely resembled a seat (like the above chicken crate)he had to sit. At a few points along the trail when he wouldn't ride in his stroller or walk with us, we got him to follow right on our heels by saying, "Hey, Gabe! There's a seat up here! Let's go sit!" And he would walk away from whatever tree or leaf or rock he was inspecting to go sit on a bench.

He even tried to use the pygmy goats as seats. He's such a funny boy.

We went through the African Safari part of the zoo, and as we were sitting on a bench eating some popcorn we saw two children throwing fits. Child number one wasn't allowed to get what he wanted from the gift shop. His parents drug him away kicking and screaming. Child number two wasn't allowed to get her face painted. Her daddy carried her, sobbing violently into his shoulder out of the park.

A few moments later, my child threw his own little tantrum. Was it over the face paint? The gift shop? Nope. My boy is funny. He started bawling his eyes out because he dropped some of his popcorn on the ground and we wouldn't let him eat it. Mind you, there was a half full bucket of clean popcorn sitting on the bench. He didn't want that.

I didn't know whether to be proud or concerned. HA!

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