Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Moments

It is a unique perspective having a teenager and a two year old. I think that's why I love, and have been posting so many pictures of my son trying to be just like Daddy. I know these days are fleeting, and there will be a time when he thinks his dad is lame (and maybe a little weird) just like his big brother does.

Saturday afternoon when my husband went to mow the lawn, Gabe ran right straight to the garage and hauled out his Fisher Price mower. It was an adorable thing, watching him walk the rows his dad had just mowed. Stopping to occasionally pull the string and give his mower a dirty look as if asking it, "Hey, why aren't you making that much noise?"


  1. Monday moments, magic moments when a mom is happy for your son.

  2. I love that! We have some really cute video of Julian doing that when we first moved here and it's something I will save forever and ever.

  3. You just keep right on posting pictures of Gabe...we love them.


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