Sunday, March 29, 2009

The sweet smell of progress

Here is a sneak peek at the patchwork bag that has been taking over my life for the last little while. I still have to do the lining and straps, but that should go much quicker than this part has.

I wanted to do outside pockets, but I didn't make them large enough to do what I had envisioned, so I left them off. Oh well, I still think it's coming along nicely.


  1. Oh, Melinda! Very neat! I really like it! :) Good job on the quilting!

    As far as your tutorial question/comment... I see nothing wrong w/ a tutorial on your blog.
    1. I've seen it before. And love it. For a crafty person like me who will never buy a bag off of because I know I can make one, I love tutorials. Now, some day when you get into pattern design, I would refrain from posting your patterns and instead selling them for $8 - 12 a piece. But, for now it makes sense. ;)
    2. You are right to assume that people who are going to buy your stuff on are not going to care about whether they can make a bag or not -- they want to buy one -- tutorial or no.


  2. The bag is coming along nicely!

    I didn't see your question/comment on a tutorial, but it looks to me like Erin gave you some very sound advice.


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