Friday, March 20, 2009

One down

Several more to go. My husband takes two sandwiches to work every day, and as a way to conserve bags, he usually throws them both in one. So I had to make his a lot larger than I will be making the rest. I patterned it off of a one quart freezer bag.

Like the fabric? He has a shirt in almost the exact same pattern. We see it pop up occasionally on reruns of Magnum P.I. Yeah, he's that kind of dork.


  1. That is just such a neat idea...and I love the fabric!

  2. Great idea! Did you line it with anything to keep the sandwiches fresh, or is the fabric doing the job by itself? I can see benefits and drawbacks to a plastic lining, as well as just plain fabric.

  3. I didn't line it with anything other than a thicker cotton. I didn't want to do a plastic lining because I felt like it wouldn't be machine washable then.

    So we shall see how well they work in the lunch boxes this next week. It will be trial and error for awhile.


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