Sunday, March 8, 2009

What she thought of her gift and other updates

She loved it! And I love it when I get it right!

All last week was bright and beautiful here. Thursday and Friday were even warm enough to get rid of the bulky winter jackets and toss on any old sweatshirt out of the closet. Heaven.

Of course, it was the kind of weather that led a certain seven year old girl to believe it was spring. She is sorely disappointed this week at the gray skies, pouring rain and 35 degree temperatures. As a matter of fact, no indoor activity will calm the case of spring fever those sunny skies left her with.

I decided that it was the perfect weather to sit at the sewing machine, and what better thing to entertain a little girl than an afternoon making Barbie clothes. I got my very own Barbie, a pattern for Barbie clothes and some cute fabric for Christmas. I end up with so many tiny little scraps from my creations that I can't bear to throw away, so I was absolutely thrilled with the prospect of making cute little doll dresses from them.

I made one. My Barbie is apparently too bootylicious(and bustylicious)for my pattern. At least I can use it as a base and enlarge it...still though, it is mildly disappointing that it didn't work without alterations.


  1. I can't wait to have a girl to do exactly this.

  2. Yeah, the Barbie obsession is kind of fun. The glittery Barbie make up obsession is very, very not though. We got her a styling head for her birthday next month...I'm already dreading the places her eyeshadow will end up!

  3. You got her a styling head? You are one brave woman!

    You can find Barbie sewing patterns online for free, if you've got a little time to wade through internet flotsam.

    Spring fever...I wish. Did you get the same storm we did on Sunday night? We got a foot of thick heavy snow was closed Monday. Tuesday it got warm and melted enough of it to turn the roads into it's below freezing with high wind. I'm dreading my drive to work this morning, all the "ponds" are going to be frozen can't be too bad though, they didn't cancel school.

  4. Ha! I do feel brave for the styling head. It was 75% off clearance at Target, and she wanted it really badly. So we bought it and it has managed to go undiscovered in the closet for two months now.

    We got rain on Sunday. We are getting the same freezing temps and high winds here now though. We got a dusting of snow this morning, but the ground is thawed so nothing is sticking.


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