Monday, March 23, 2009

Four more

I whipped up four more of the cloth baggies this weekend from a Spongebob remnant. Man, I love remnants for projects like this. I get plenty of fabric for the project I need to do and it's really cheap.

These bags were definitely a different experience from the larger bag I made for my husband. I changed up the way I was doing the lining for a much more professional appearance. Of course, a better looking finished product means they were a much larger pain in my rear to actually assemble.

I made the snack sized bag too small. It isn't deep enough to go over the arm of the sewing machine, that was NOT a fun thing to discover. Unfortunately it was a discovery I made after I had already cut the fabric for two and I am way too stubborn to just throw the cut pieces into the scrap bin.

Now I just have to wait and see how they hold up in the lunch bags.


  1. I love these! I totally want to make some now and join you in the tree-hugging.

  2. Victoria said that the bread on her sandwich wasn't hard or anything after having been in there probably 10 hours-ish.

    Her dad might be able to give me more constructive comments, but so far they seem to be working out!

  3. I am jealous! I love how they have turned out! I must dream of a need for these baggies and then learn how to make some... or buy some from you. :)

  4. These are wicked cool...have you considered opening up a shop on Etsy or Artfire and selling them?

    Artfire's running a $7/month for life promo now (plus they don't have listing fees or commission).


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