Friday, February 22, 2013

Heart & Soul: Infinity Scarf Two Ways Tutorial

I really liked the patchwork on this infinity cowl on the Art Gallery Fabrics blog. It's gorgeous on the model, but I wanted something a little more wearable for me. Something thinner, and a lot longer so I could get that pretty, layered look by looping it twice. In the end, I made two different versions, a simple scarf from large fabric pieces, and a more complex one to use up those last tiny bits from my favorite fabrics (I almost called this the quilter's variation). 

To make the simpler Heart scarf (named because of the Love fabrics I have had stashed for over a year now), you will need 7 fat quarters. Cut two 9.5 X 12 inch rectangles from each fabric. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew the rectangles into two rows along the 12 inch side (scroll down to see a diagram of suggested fabric placement). 

To make the Soul version, we're going to utilize scraps (mine are scraps from my Soul Blossoms basket quilt I have got to finish). 


8- 9.5 X 12 rectangles (block A)
4- 5 X 12 rectangles (block B)

4- 4 X 9.5 rectangles (block C)
2- 5 X 9.5 rectangles (block C)

2- 4 X 7 rectangles (block D)
2- 3 X 4 rectangles (block D)
2- 7 X 8.5 rectangles (block D)
2- 3 X 8.5 rectangles (block D)

Assemble two of block C by sewing two 4 X 9.5 and one 5 X 9.5 inch strips together along the 9.5 inch sides (the order doesn't matter). 

Assemble two of block D by sewing the 4 X 7 inch rectangle to the 3 X 4 rectangle along the 4 inch side. Sew the 3 X 8.5 inch rectangle to the 7 X 8.5 inch rectangle along the 8.5 inch side to create the second half of the four patch unit. Sew these two sections together so that the top seams intersect. 

Now you're ready to sew your rows. Each row will have 4 of block A, 2 of block B, one of block C and one of block D. Make 2.
Diagram for suggested fabric and block placement

Finishing instructions:

Place your two rows face down on top of each other (right sides together). Sew along both of the long sides with a 1/4 inch seam. Now, comes the weird part, but trust me, it works out in the end! Open up your scarf on one short end, reach inside, and grab the opposite end with your hand. Pull it up through the inside so that it's flush (1) with the end you started at. At this point, it should look like a windsock (2), not a scarf. Be careful not to twist it, or you will end up with a weird seam! 

Take the front off of your sewing machine and place your scarf around it (3). Sew almost completely around the outside edge, leaving about a six inch gap. Pull your scarf right side out through the gap and hand sew closed. That's it! 

You're now ready for the putting it on and looking instantly pulled together part, at least if you're not like me and in desperate need of a haircut. 

Let me know if you make one or both of these, I'd love to see them! I'm thinking I have to put more together for a few spring birthdays I know. 

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