Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coming along

I found a quilt pattern online that used the same size blocks I had made for my basket quilt, set on point, and it used a lot fewer blocks with a lot larger measurement than I would have thought. It got me wondering if I had grossly miscalculated how many blocks I actually needed, and if I was perhaps, far closer to finishing than I had thought. 

I taped these 41 blocks to my wall to see how big it actually was. Turns out it's about 6 feet square at this point, though not all of the blocks are trimmed. And I actually had fifteen or so blocks that I didn't put on the wall. However, I realized that I definitely need more. It isn't big enough for a queen sized bed yet, and I also have only made one block out of about four different prints on this. I was definitely wishing for more color options as I got down toward the bottom. So, even if I grossly miscalculated (and I'm still not sure I did), I think I want to make them all anyway just for the layout options. 

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