Monday, August 13, 2012

Quilt top with borders and a little bit of quilting!

Last Monday, I posted my goal for the One Thing, One Week Challenge at Amy's Creative Side was to at least put the borders on my quilt, but ideally, finish it in time to put it in my friend's charity auction. I got the borders on and proof is in this hilarious photo!

Of course, in taking this picture (that my son was totally trying to block me from, but instead got his photo taken as well, score 2 for Mom) I realized two things. One, that the small mistake I knew about and thought I could live with, I could not live with! Two, that the small mistake was not the only mistake. And if I was going to rip seams and re-sew, I may as well fix both of the mistakes and be completely happy with it. 

So that is what I did. Then I basted it, and started quilting, but it became apparent that in no way was I going to be able to finish it and eat, and shower and have clean clothes before the weekend. Oh well! At least I was able to donate my cute bunny to the charity auction! 


  1. Ha ha! I have 2 boys who do the exact same thing! I like the color variations--that must have taken a ton fo planning.

  2. Sometimes you just have to do it ... un-sewing is never fun, but if a mistake bothers you, getting it out is probably the best thing to do. Love your quilt !


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