Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Moments

I went to the American Quilter's Society show in Grand Rapids this weekend! I took tons of photos (of the few quilts/booths that allowed photography) only to find out in my guidebook for the event that I cannot publish them anywhere! Not here, not Facebook...weird! I kind of get it, but I kind of don't. If there are published photos of these things elsewhere, why does it matter?

Things I loved:

Chenille: really cool technique and it looked so simple!

Mary Buvia. OMG! She was more uninspiring than inspiring, in the way that you look at her quilts and say, "I need to just give up now as I am NEVER going to accomplish anything this beautiful!" 

Halloween: I wanted nearly every Halloween pattern and fabric I saw. I really wanted this one pattern, but it only came in a complete kit for $139, which made it pretty easy to walk away from. Sadness! 

What I did buy was not much, and I'm kind of kicking myself for it because now I will probably not see these things for another year. I bought a paper pieced pattern for a mini quilt. Maybe not as mini as I have been wanting to try, but it calls for a fat quarter of backing fabric, so definitely smaller than anything I have ever done! I also bought a few fat quarters of some things I had been ogling online for awhile at cheaper than the online price (only by 50 cents, but hey, no shipping charges either!). Like I said, I wish I would have bought much more! 

Did you go? 

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