Friday, March 23, 2012

A swing and a miss...

I made this. It's one of the dollar Simplicity patterns (2613 to be exact) I picked up at the last big sale JoAnn Fabrics had. I like the pattern, but I don't like the result. It all looked so cute in the store, but it looks muddled to me now.

Despite the fact that three out of the five people I asked for advice about this project loved it, as is, I just don't. The eyes and nose don't stand out enough, the black in the plush makes only half of the mouth visible when I stitch it in...everything just matches a little too much. 

He was supposed to be a gift (and also supposed to be a she, but I think he's a boy). Since I'm not feeling it, I'll still be gifting it, but changing the destination. My step-daughter thought he was really cute and helped me pick out the ribbon at the store, so I think she'll be over the moon when I let her take him. 

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