Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Moments...and then some

I will post cute pictures from this weekend, but first, I have to say a big hello to anyone visiting from Deb Strain's blog! She was kind enough to post photos of my quilt and another quilt someone else made from one of her adorable lines. Such a great lady!

Second, what in blue blazes is this? Are you serious? May is less than two weeks away!

Look at the poor little buds on my bush all covered in snow...I hope the forecast is better for next Sunday so the kids don't have to wear their snow pants to hunt for Easter eggs.

This photo is both a Monday Moment and a craft picture. I had promised my step-daughter that if her friend Abbie could come over, I'd invite another one of her friends and they could have a mini birthday party, since we'd be giving her gifts and making her a small cake anyway.

She had asked me if I could do a monster theme since she's into Monster High toys and Moshi Monsters online. I got some Moshi Monsters trading cards and downloaded some coloring pages from the website. I used them as stencils to paint the characters on canvas tote bags. Then I brought out a pack of fabric markers and let the girls go wild. They had a lot of fun just doing their own thing, and I got to relax because everything was so low key. Win, win!

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  1. What a brilliant idea those Monster tote bags were!!! I bet the girls loved them :)


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