Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Moments

Two Monday Moments in a row? I need to step up on the crafty!

My sister and I got our kids together for Easter for the first time ever this year. I remember the rare occasions as kids that we got to spend Easter with our cousins. It seemed like the greatest egg hunt ever happened when I was five or six. My mom and my aunt sat outside in lawn chairs as we eagerly brought them hard boiled eggs with 25 cents written on them to trade in for quarters. I think one egg even had $5 on it.

Of course, as young kids, we failed to realize that we'd get more money if we kept hunting and turned in all of our eggs at the end. We were just too eager to get our hands on that change.

Our kids are smarter. Not a single one opened their eggs to see what was inside until they were sure they had found them all. We had different colored eggs for each child to make sure that my allergy laden nephew didn't get anything that could hurt him. It was a lot of fun watching them scramble around, occasionally finding each other's eggs and giving hints about where they were. It was cute seeing their reactions to the dollar bill fortune they found too. Even the oldest was excited to get one step closer to the toy she was saving for.

Now we just have to wait 25 years or so to see if it was the best one ever.

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