Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

I spoke too soon. Thursday I went back into the hospital for a nasty infection. Possibly not even related to my surgeries, but because of the surgeries I was in no shape to recover from it without medical intervention. And the doctors agreed because I was admitted for a five day stay this time. Longer than I stayed through two surgeries last time. They got my out of control pain in control, they put me on antibiotics.

Being home after 8 days (minus the 20ish hours I actually spent here between my first release and my second admission) is almost foreign. I am so out of touch with where everything is in my house. I could not get comfortable in my own bed. It was all so strange and crazy. Even looking at me now you would never guess I was unhealthy...

Anyway, I had not a lot to do in the hospital but think and sleep with the occasional walk around the floor. My nails grew (I usually can't stand to let them do that) and it became my mission in life to get a manicure. Being a quilter and general crafter I appreciate my hands on a functional level. Form usually has nothing to do with it, and it had been so long since I painted my nails I actually had to go buy a kit and a buffer. I could have went to the salon I suppose but I am saving some money here for a much needed pampering hair cut.

My out of practice nail job was so horrible I had to focus the camera on my anniversary band so you couldn't really see it. I figure, like my quilts, most people won't notice the little errors. The point is it makes me feel better, and God what a week...I need that.

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  1. Ooohhh, sparkly.

    Pamper yourself, sweetie, and get well.


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