Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loving this...

I am still hard at work on the benefit quilts and a rattle pattern to go along with them, but I saw something yesterday that just tickled me to no end.

Remember way back in October when I blogged about some owl cake pops I had made, and how I was going to write to Bakerella about them? Here's a pic to refresh you on these.

Well, when I e-mailed her back in October she very kindly wrote back to me that my idea wasn't quite original, she had made some owl pops of her own, very similar to mine, but with candy necklace pieces for the eyes. I sat there wondering how I had missed those on her site, and knowing that must have been where my inspiration came from, even if I didn't remember seeing them.

Yesterday she made the big announcement on her blog that her book about cake pops finally had a release date. She linked to some sites where you can buy it and see the official cover art. This is the part that tickled me. Go look. "My" owls are in the bottom left corner. The ones she and I e-mailed about way back in October, when no one knew she was writing a book. When the photos and ideas were top secret. I feel sort of vindicated. I knew I was creative, but it's nice to know that sometimes I am as creative as the folks who are getting paid to be.

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