Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Moments

We took the kids to Dog 'n' Suds in Muskegon this weekend. A local legend in root beer (and hot dogs). It has car hop service like Sonic, but the difference is Dog 'n' Suds has actually been around since car hops were the norm. It was founded in 1963 and looks like it came right out of the late 50's. Yellow checkered floors, black checkered floors in the booths with red vinyl seats, neon signage and a jukebox that was sadly out of order Sunday.

Of course, atmosphere isn't the real draw of the place, though it certainly has plenty. The real draw is the frozen mugs of Dog 'n' Suds brand root beer. It is so delicious and creamy that we couldn't even deny the two year old his own glass. It took a lot of work for him to get a drink down, but once he did he let out a huge, "Ahhhh!" We also let him try his first ever corn dog. The verdict on that was a resounding thumbs up too.

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