Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Down a pound!

I started this blog because I had a dozen or so people after me for a place they could see everything I make. How shocked am I a year and a half (or so) later that my posts that get the most views are about my life and my family.

I'm taking that as a little bit of a hint, though the main focus of this blog will still be what I make, I've decided to let you all in on a little more of my personal journey. Starting today I'm going to be posting a weigh in every Wednesday. I won't post my actual weight (yikes! Big, big kudos to those of you who can man up to that!), but I plan to post plus or minus pounds.

I started an exercise plan a little over a week ago. I figured first things first. I am not currently dieting, but I have read many places about how much you want to watch what you eat once you realize how hard you have to work to take it off. So far, that is slightly true. I am definitely more aware and second guessing myself when I eat something unhealthy.

I have already seen vast improvements in what I am capable of, and shockingly enough I have more energy when I spend 30+ minutes sweating my buns off. I figured that out when fairly early into my plan I decided to skip a day and nurse my sore muscles. I was amazed at how terrible I felt all day. Worse than I had any day that I worked out.

Ironically I skipped today too, but only because I got sick. Nausea and bending and lifting and jumping around do not go well together. But I plan on getting right back on the horse tomorrow, and I have 72 people here to hold me to it. One pound down, 55 more to go!


  1. Go, Melinda, go!

  2. Good for you! So proud of you! You can do it! :) Heya... shoot me your new address... if you want it, I've got some fabric and stuff for ya!

  3. Hey... where'd your super cute banner/header go?

    I got your FB message... I will respond as soon as I can, hon... been gone the last couple of days and am busy the rest of the weekend.



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