Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Moments

Yesterday we took Gabe outside to play. Even in the late morning hours of the day it was already hotter than it had been...all year. We just weren't prepared for this dramatic temperature change. I watched him use his sunglasses to push all of his gorgeous hair up out of his face and knew it was time to get rid of it.

This was by no means his first haircut, but he's had the same hair cut for more than a year now (with the exception of that one time the hairdresser had no idea what I was describing, even though she said she did and I left my husband to supervise the cut). I love his hair long. I love how baby soft it is, while still being thick like mine. It lays perfectly with that old cut, but I just couldn't let my little boy suffer through 90 degree weather with that mop.

Besides, it will grow back, or at least that's what my husband keeps saying to console me. And he's still cute.

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