Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Moments

This is the first year we actually let my step-daughter wield the saw to carve her own pumpkin. A huge change from last year when carving pumpkins meant scooping out the guts, then drawing a magic marker face on it for her daddy to cut out.

Of course, not everything has changed since last year. Gabe is still far too young to appreciate what is going on with the pumpkins. He just tried to say pumpkin a few times and had a blast taking the top off, then putting it back on.

And this year, instead of licking the scrapers he decided to actually try to take a bite out of the pumpkin. He doesn't quite understand the food as decoration concept.

Here is the end result of our messy activity. For her first time cutting (hers is the cat), my step-daughter did an awesome job!


  1. Those look fantastic!! I think we'll end up doing ours on Wednesday night.

  2. I love the double decker idea with the ribcage...that's awesome! I'm going to totally copy your idea.

  3. I copied the idea from Good Housekeeping, so go right ahead! HA!


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