Friday, October 16, 2009

I don't get it

I'll admit, I thought the new Care Bears were adorable. I went out and bought one for my sister for her birthday even though she's in her 20's. I thought the new My Little Pony was adorable, and I was thrilled to death when my niece fell in love with the remade Strawberry Shortcake...but this Rainbow Brite crap has got to go!

At least the other makeovers stuck to the spirit of the originals. The Hallmark makeover of Rainbow Brite looks more like it was based off of the adult Rainbow Brite Halloween costumes than the cutesy cartoon I loved as a kid.

Ironically, I just rediscovered this vintage fabric panel I bought at a church rummage sale almost ten years ago. I have Champ (shown here), OJ, IQ, Hammy, Lucky and Romeo. I tried sewing Spark together about ten years ago by hand. I wasn't very good at that point and I'm not sure whether or not he can be salvaged. I painted them all with fabric glitter way back then and after seeing my not-so-hot job of sewing Spark I left them in a bag in my craft tote to be forgotten for ten years.

I obviously thought they needed a little jazzing up too, but not that much! This one is for the folks at Hallmark.


  1. Oh my gosh, I have a Rainbow Brite character like that too! It was one of my first attempts at sewing as a teenager. It's probably at my parents' house, which sucks, because I refuse to visit them while my brother still lives there - so I won't know if it's still around until he moves out. If that ever happens.

  2. Isn't your brother in his 20's now? Don't even get me started on entitled punk boys who should be men. (Can't tell I'm mad at Andrew can you?)

  3. Good little brother turns 34 next month, and he's still at home with my parents.


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