Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chicks rule

I was paging through the May 2009 issue of Quick Quilts with my step-daughter over my shoulder when she saw these little chicks appliqued on a tea towel.

She had to have one, and a bird ornament too.

She really has no need for a tea towel, or a bird ornament, so I did the old standby, "We'll see. Maybe." I found this pale yellow tee in her size on the clearance rack at Target and thought, "Oooohhh...chick applique!"

I added half moon closed eyes, a little heart between them and a third toe...I thought they looked kind of funny with two. I'm putting this sweet shirt in her Easter basket right next to her bunny. I contemplated adding some broken egg shells to make it more appropriate for the holiday, but then I thought of how much I would cringe when she wanted to wear the hatching Easter chicks shirt in July. Nope. It's fine as is.


  1. This is so adorable. You could make so much cash selling your stuff on etsy, because it's always so professional looking.

  2. Gads, Melinda, that shirt is so cute it breaks my heart! :)

    I agree w/ Allison the Meep... your stuff ALWAYS looks top notch and could fetch some $$$ on etsy...


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