Monday, March 25, 2013

Small settings change and some more scrapbooking

I was hoping not to have to do this, but I have had to stop allowing anonymous comments. Sorry! I know that there were some genuine people using that feature to ask me questions about certain projects without creating an account (especially people who found me on Pinterest). On my last post I think I got about a dozen SPAM comments, all from anonymous users. And they're sneaky, too. They almost sound like they could be real comments, but then they say "Check out my blog" at the bottom and the links go to different scam sites. Ugh! Too much work! 

In other news, I have started packing! Not enough packing, mind you, but I have started. 

I have also, somewhat stupidly, invited people over for Easter. So I need to decorate. While packing. My husband made me feel better about this by telling me that we have two small children (and one not-so-small) and I really had to decorate anyway. Hmmm...I guess so.

Kit is Bella Gypsy's Besties with added freebies (no longer available) and staple. 
The owners over at the Cover to Cover Facebook Group posted a few old Speed Scraps for us to use. I followed one to make this page for my 2011 book that I am working on. I actually was cooking last night during the Sunday Speed Scrap, so I didn't participate. Then, when I got on my computer later, I saw a note that they would be doing prizes. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little annoyed, I mean prizes on the one night in forever I don't participate?! Mostly I was sitting there staring at my husband and children saying, "Why do you have to eat?" Hahaha! 

Kit is On the Road by Kristin Aagard also used here
I also put together this page for my 2011 book. My poor boy was in such a state at that party, but I have to remember that I had his sister less than two weeks before his birthday. That's a lot to put on a four year old boy! My husband pointed out to me that my traffic light is upside down, so I will have to change that before I have this page printed. 

Kristin Aagard designed the kit I used for Gabe's page, and I am completely crushing on her Moving Day kit right now! I'd much rather scrap about packing than do the actual packing! Who's with me? 

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