Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mater Made

Look what I finished last night?! He is so stinking cute! 

Made from a free pattern by liljabs.

I will be turning this 10 1/2" block into an 18" pillow cover. I'm going to add some small borders, some fussy cut scenes from the Route 66 fabric in the background here at the corners and use the rest of the fabric as backing for the pillow. I am thinking I should probably quilt it just a little too. Eek! I'm a bit afraid of ruining him, as I think he's pretty awesome right now! 


  1. boy that is fantastic,well done Melinda.xx

  2. Oh, it's adorable! Jump back 4-5 years and my son would have adored that! He was all about Cars that year.


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