Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lots of pink and green

I'm not doing so well. I still have to finish the eight blocks I started two weekends ago, and I have been approached about another project that is pretty time sensitive (more about that when it is finished..I hope!). My time management isn't so bad, it's just that there is so little of it to manage.

So, when I mentioned to my husband that I might want to make Caroline a dress for her first birthday, he mentioned right back to me that I might want to start it when she's six months old. I think I gave him an obscene hand gesture, but I am starting to see his point.

I had the idea that it could be cute to take her banner from her baby shower (that is now hanging above her crib) and use it as a prop in her first birthday photos. Which means a pink and green dress to match. Here are my issues with and green are very spring colors, and Caroline was not a spring baby.

Mostly, I think this is fine. I think that her photos will be taken in a studio and no one will realize that she's wearing a spring dress in the fall, they'll just think it looks cute. Part of me wonders if that's a bit ridiculous though, putting her in an out of season dress just to match a banner I made for a late summer baby shower? I'm all for opinions on this.

Here is the dress pattern I like best so far.

I love this one, with the little 3/4 sleeve jacket. I see tons of potential and have already been auditioning prints for it.

Two color super mod combo. I'm not sure how I'd work that, since there isn't just a two print option in the pattern, but I have never been one to follow the patterns exactly.

And some more two color options. I really love this watercolor daisy print, but I think I would have to add at least some of the other color, these combos are cute, but a little boring to me.

And some three color options (which would obviously go with version A on the pattern).

I can't decide! I also can't decide which of these shoe patterns would go best with the dress pattern. Yes, shoe pattern. I am really thinking of making her shoes to go with this as well. I guess it's alright that I don't know yet since I have three more months before I have to get started, at least according to my husband.

Wow! Can you believe that a quarter of Caroline's first year has gone by already?! She's getting so big and developing so much personality!

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