Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Moments

I don't think I have mentioned yet, the Lego explosion that has gone on in my house. Over the summer I had a neighbor take Gabe in when I had some of the more intrusive doctor's appointments for the pregnancy. This neighbor has a boy with a huge Lego collection. And Gabe came home obsessed. Before I knew it, he was waking me up at 8:00AM saying, "Let's go to the neighbor's and play Legos."

Obviously, I talked to my son about why you can't just invite yourself into someone's house to play with their toys, but after months of dealing with the Lego problem, I bought him some. They were at the top of his birthday wish list, the top of his Christmas wish list and they are the first thing he grabs every morning.

I took this picture for him. Mainly because I find myself describing my favorite childhood toys and ending up on Google to show the kids. (Most recently The Wuzzles. I dare you to try describing a half lion, half bumblebee to your kids without Google, and Wuzzle Colorforms no's like I'm speaking another language.) I think he'll appreciate this later, and his changing taste in toys is a fun way to see how much he's growing up.

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