Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blogger's Choice Bundle Contest

I said that I was going to post fabric photos maybe twice a month, but then I heard about Quokka Quilts contest to design your own fat quarter bundle! I definitely wanted to post mine with a few days left for you to enter, too.

The rules? Pick 12 prints and 3 solids, then assemble the photos into a collage. So simple! And if you win, you get a half yard cut of each of your 15 fabrics! Awesome!

I knew I wanted some tangerines, it is the color of the year, after all, and tried to think of colors I liked with oranges. It was originally a much different palette, but I put them all into the collage maker and removed what didn't mesh. I like it. I think if I were to win I'd put them together just like this, in 16 patches alternating with large squares. Though, they might make interesting star blocks. Oh, how I long to sew after staring down all that fabric!

My picks:
Impressions Orange Dahlia
Crazy Daisy Red Rythm
Heirloom Amethyst Empire Weave
Michael Miller Orchid Cotton Couture Solids
Bright Owl Red Star Doodles
Bella Solids Baby Blue
Primativa Plum and Lavender Wavy Reed Stripes
Bespoken Orchid Jacquard
Outfoxed Purple Triangle Toss
Domestic Bliss Eggplant Out of Doors
Floral Folio Dark Orange Wavy Stripe
Taza Blue Cynthian
Michael Miller Violet Cotton Couture Solids
Dazzle Sky Blue Basket Weave
Floral Folio Dark Orange Allover Leaves


  1. 1. Dessert Party Lime Triple Scoop Yardage
    2. Dessert Party Blueberry Cream Ice Cream Cone Yardage
    3. Dessert Party Strawberry Lollipop Lineup Yardage
    4. Kona Cotton Red Yardage
    5. Elephants on Parade Black Wavy Geo Shapes Yardage
    6. Elephants on Parade Grass Maze Yardage
    7. Dessert Party Tangerine Gumdrop Stripe Yardage
    8. Kona Cotton Corn Yellow Yardage
    9. Elephants on Parade White Elephants Yardage
    10. Elephants on Parade Yellow Maze Yardage
    11. Dessert Party Lime Confetti Dots Yardage
    12. Kona Cotton Tangerine Yardage
    13. Elephants on Parade Pink Flowers Yardage
    14. Elephants on Parade Pink Maze Yardage
    15. Dessert Party Raspberry Confetti Dots Yardage

  2. I love the Dessert Party line and the Elephants on Parade! Cute choices!


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