Monday, September 12, 2011

Huge catch-up post

We have a lot to discuss today. Ready?

I had one of my baby showers (there will be two) on Saturday. Last week, I did a ton of prep. I wanted to schedule a post for all of it on Saturday, but I never ended up having the time to type it out.

The first project I tackled was relatively small, but still cute. I was in charge of one game for the baby shower and I wanted super-simple, but not something everyone had played before. I found a printable Old Wives Tale game, but I didn't so much like the clip art granny in the corner. I decided to take the scraps from my banner and glue them to a "string" I had drawn on plain cardstock. Then, I drew stitching, made copies and printed the game (after some small tweaks to the wording) onto them.

Much improved!

I bookmarked this post from Scissors and Spatulas back in April, when I had barely known I was pregnant for a month. (Something about a baby just makes you plan!) I set out to put my own spin on these favors Friday morning.

I think mine turned out a little more like a gooey mess than the picture perfect favors that Jen made. They were a tasty, gooey mess, though.

And how cute are those tags? I got them from when there was a half off sale. I loved how perfect the pink and green were for my shower, especially when paired with a darker pink bow. The adorable monkey didn't hurt, either!

I took no pictures at the shower until the guests left and all of the kids completely ruined themselves in the sand. I wish I would have, now, but at the time I was having too much fun to stop and get out the camera.

Last, but not least, as if I didn't have enough projects to finish up in the next eight-ish weeks, my mom found me a bookshelf at an antique store. It's solid wood with gold spray paint faux inlay. I wanted something small enough to fit in the room the baby will share with my son. I have an idea of what I want to do with this, but I may just paint it red and tackle the details sometime later, after the baby stuff is done, maybe even after she is born.

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