Sunday, September 25, 2011


My next baby shower is coming up really soon. Unlike the first one, that was held in a cozy family home with plenty of other decor, this one is being held in a white walled conference type room. No personality what-so-ever.

I saw these little paper mache animals in Michael's awhile ago, but walked away. The other night I went there looking for favor inspiration (and I may have found it) and saw them again for $0.40. So I bought one for each table, maybe...or maybe I will scatter them on the food table...or maybe I won't use them at all.

The ducks I think look a little shabby, which goes great with my banner. The elephants look retro. They both look weird to me when I think about pairing them with the monkey tags I am putting on favors. Does it all match just because it's pale pink, hot pink and green? Or does it need to be more defined than that?

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  1. They're cute. They fit your color scheme nicely, I'd use them.


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