Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finished quilt top

Since the image in my giveaway post was a little small, and a little cropped, I thought I'd give the Care Bears quilt top it's own post today.

Here she is! You can't see it in the photo (I had to have something to hang it by), but there is a thin stripe of the aqua fabric across the top. I made it a little bigger than what I was planning though, and need to add at least two inches to the length and width of my backing fabric. I want simple piecing, so I'm leaning toward a nine patch type pattern in an uneven cross. Not exactly like the backs of my Log Cabin Stars quilts, but kind of similar to stretch my backing fabric.

I'm also praying to have enough to make her a pillowcase to match, since I realized that by the time she's using a pillow there won't be any of this fabric around, and a toddler sheet set (with pillowcase) isn't likely to match this quilt. I should be good. I think I over ordered, but I'm nervous to work on an "extra" when I don't have the basics covered.

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