Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Moments & Giveaway Reminder!

We spent the day at Lake Michigan yesterday. I really didn't want to, I wanted to paint or sew, but sometimes my husband knows what I need to do.

The waves were huge! It was so much fun to play in them, even though the red "do not swim" flags were out. We only went about waist deep, but sometimes the waves were over our heads. The kids stayed in the very shallow water on the shore, but the waves were still a lot of fun for them too. We all had a good time, and there's plenty of time for painting and sewing today.

There is also still plenty of time to enter the My Memories Suite giveaway! I cannot believe there hasn't been a single entry yet! It's $40 of free software that can make scrapbook pages, quilt journals, birth announcements, custom invitations, etc. etc. with! Look at this thank you note I designed over the weekend!

Now, go! Enter!

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  1. LOL...WELL theres a few of us up for that package now!! woo hoo!


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