Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sewing school

Two weeks ago I started my step-daughter on the basics of sewing. She's really eager to learn and just like the me she has ideas about her next two projects before she's done with the current one.

Her first finished project was supposed to be a blanket for her current favorite stuffed animal. She had told me she wanted patches, so I grabbed a piece of notebook paper and drew a basic 9 patch and said, "Like this?"

I was far off. She drew her own blanket with five patches randomly strewn throughout it. Without teaching her applique (she's not quite ready for stitching that shows yet!) I cobbled together a rough pattern based on her drawing.

She finished sewing it together and decided it looked more like a pillow. So I got out my bag of stuffing and she got to work.

Look at how well these matched up! She's still learning though, and some lessons are coming harder than others. I pinned something for her and she got tired of fiddling with all of the pins so she took them out all at once. She wasn't too pleased with her "shortcut" when she had to redo half of her sewing because her two pieces weren't even together.

She's really enthusiastic about making things and I'm loving that she's learning some life lessons right along with her new skill.

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  1. I love this - so fun to see kids sewing! It's always interesting how kids know exactly what they want and will figure out a way to make it happen.


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