Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Pussycat bag

When I first made Melly & Me's Pussycat bag for my niece my neighbor immediately took me aside and said, "Christmas." It was her sneaky little way of letting me know that her daughter, Grace, had fallen in love.

I started on Grace's bag shortly after. I decided on a white print with stars in different shades of blue and silver glitter and a blue cloud print for the stripes. I finished those, cut out the cat shape, came to the muzzle and did a big pause. A months long pause. I wanted to do navy blue, but the colors that would stand out on a navy muzzle (white and pale blue), wouldn't stand out on the striped kitty part of the bag. Then I thought of completely contrasting it with a yellow star print, but the stripes were visible through the yellow shade I had picked out. I just couldn't decide what to do, so I stopped.

Christmas came and went and I completely forgot about the half finished bag in my sewing room. In late January my neighbor called to invite us all to Grace's birthday party and said, "...and if you wanted to finish that bag..." I felt like such a jerk! I looked at it, and just like it always does, the distance had given me some perspective, and it was suddenly all too clear that I needed to do a silver color to match the glitter on the white stripes.

Perfect! I love how the velvety fabric gives Grace a part of her kitty purse to pet too.

My husband actually picked out the little silver buttons for the eyes. They looked too small though, so I grabbed the blue ones with the depression in them off of the shelf. I took them home hoping that the silvers would fit inside the blues and look just like this. I didn't imagine that it would actually work out that way though. I'm so very glad it did.

Happy birthday to Grace!


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