Monday, February 2, 2009

Sock and Glove

My totally awesome friend Erin mailed me the Sock and Glove book awhile ago. I had been drooling over it for some months, and then it just showed up on my doorstep because I mentioned it once and she's cool like that.

Anyway, I am just now getting into making some of the animals from it and I am so in love with these little guys. I wish I had bought more than six pair of gloves to play with. Even though it's only 28 degrees in Grand Rapids today, the retail stores seem to think it's spring. All the gloves are gone. Boo!

I will have to look into gardening gloves, or just work on the sock portion of the book until the fall when they start carrying gloves again.

Incidentally, the instructions for the bunny and the puppy are available here for free. Just close out the video (or watch it, it's probably helpful) and there is a link to the pdf files for these two little guys.

The book is great though. There's a pig, a bear, and a panda in the glove section that you can't get for free and of course tons of things made out of socks, even little sock clothes for the sock animals to wear!

I am a sucker for cute.


  1. Yay! I love free tutorials.

    Have you checked Target for gloves? In their purse section, they sell 2 pairs of gloves for under $2. Although, your Target's selection might be entirely different from mine.

  2. My Target put all of theirs on clearance. I went back the other day looking for more, but all I could find were leather gloves...which would probably not make good animals. They have a ton of Hannah Montana and High School Musical gloves, but eeewwww.

  3. Try dollar stores...


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