Friday, February 20, 2009

As I knew I would be

I am completely unable to make a decision on a purse...well, that isn't exactly true.

I keep seeing little patchwork bags all over the mall, and I thought, "I could make one of these." Of course I'm not looking to make the exact same ones I'm seeing. I'm a little too old for anything too terribly trendy, lest I feel like some sort of ridiculous poser.

I have the perfect fabric and I found a pretty cute bag I'd like to emulate. The problem then? It's all fall colors. Some of it even has adorable little acorns on it. I do have a bunch of bright summery prints that I could also use, I just can't decide if they would be too terribly busy. Usually when you cut busy into little chunks and pair it with several other types of busy, you just get one horrible mess. I'm too much of a chicken to actually cut the fabric into the chunks and lay it next to each other to see how it would look.

Decisions, would be so much easier to just work on my sister's 14th birthday present. I know EXACTLY what I'm doing when it comes to stuffed animals.

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  1. I understand your dilemma! Also, I struggle with not wanting to try a pattern that could suck on expensive fabric. I started chopping up some of my old clothes and making stuff out of them, and the results were pretty cool.


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