Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Years ago one Father's Day, or maybe my husband's birthday my step-son and I collaborated on a T-shirt for his dad. We made South Park character versions of every person in the family, and he loved it. I caught him wearing it out a few weeks ago and realized he desperately needed a new one. One where my step-son wasn't an angst-ridden guitar playing teenager, but an adult in his Army uniform. My step-daughter didn't want her pig-tails, but long, straight hair and picked out a soccer ball to carry in her arms instead of a teddy bear. I made a new version of my son without a pacifier...and I added this.

Yes, just a few days before the holiday we found out that our baby will be a girl! A girl! Everyone assumed I wanted a girl since we had a boy the first time, but really I'm kind of panicked. I love having a boy to take on hikes, and I've already memorized the name of every train on Thomas & Friends. I know it will work out and I will feel like she was always meant to be here, but I can't help feeling like I have to learn how to be a mom all over again.

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